What’s My Home Value?

Receive a Complimentary Home Value Analysis

Are you guilty of spending your evenings tracking online estimates of your home value? It’s okay, I’ve checked mine too! But then I thought, you know what, these online sites aren’t giving me any credit for our kitchen remodel. How dare them! That’s because they have no idea what my home looks like inside. With that in mind, why do we put stock in online valuations at all? I’m not sure, but maybe it’s because we don’t know someone in the business that can help. Whether you’re moving next month or don’t plan to for 20 years, I recommend friending a local expert that can help you track one of your most valuable assets. Our team strives to be our client’s life-long real estate advisers, and we can connect you with like minded experts in your market that do the same. Our team in particular specializes in DuPage, Kane and Cook counties. 

What We Provide:

– A analysis of macro and micro real estate trends and dynamics that impact future value

– List of comparable sales in your market that are price adjusted based on market appreciation

– A customized report of homes like yours, in the same neighborhood and price point.

Just provide us your name, contact information and address and we’ll get back to you shortly. 


Michael Thornton

Michael Thornton


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